Organising an event

We suggest that class reps organise one event per year, but as a group across two years to ensure you have enough volunteers: Nursery and Reception; Y1 & Y2; Y3 &Y4; Y5 & Y6.

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Events should be intended to build community and/or raise money.

Events can be held for:

  • Children only (with parents/carers watching or helping out – e.g. cinema night or Mini Olympics)
  • Parents/carers only (e.g. quiz or social event)
  • Children and parents/carers (e.g. summer barbeque)
  • General public (e.g. Car Boot sale)

A. Initial planning

  1. Get together with the other class reps and think about what you may want to do and why.
  2. Review the list of previous events to get some ideas, look at the PTA website, or come up with something new.
  3. If it’s an event that has been run previously, find out who ran it and arrange to meet up with them so they can share their learnings.
  4. Decide whether the event is to be held at school or at an external location.
  5. Agree a preferred date and time, and check with the PCSA Chairs and the Deputy Head (on-site events only) for any clashes.

B. School-based events

  1. Agree with the PCSA Chairs who will be responsible for communication with the school.
  2. Complete a risk assessment – in order to be eligible for insurance cover for any event, we need to have completed a risk assessment and have it signed off by the head teacher in advance. If the event you are planning has been held previously, then this may just be a case of updating an earlier version, so contact either the chair or previous event holders for this to make it easier. In any case we have a lot of example assessments we can share which can easily be adapted for your event. Any event involving an external third party on school premises may require an additional risk assessment to be provided by the third party.
  3. For any event where volunteers may come into contact with the children will need to be List 99 checked as a minimum or have a DBS check. This can be done easily by bringing relevant documentation to the office, however DBS checks can take some time so make sure this is done in plenty of time before the event. Any volunteers need to make sure they sign in at the office before entering the school to help.
  4. If the event is after school/evening/weekend, check with school if a caretaker will be required to lock up afterwards and turn off any appliances such as the dishwasher or kitchen gas. The PCSA will be charged by the hour for the time of the caretaker, therefore bear this in mind when calculating expenses.
  5. If you need access to either of the school halls, even if the school has said it is available, double check with the PE teacher that there are no clubs taking place during either the set up time required or during the event itself. If the event is after school, you will need to notify the YMCA After School Club as they sometimes use the halls.
  6. If the event is after school, children will need to be collected, even if they have permission to walk home by themselves normally, so include this on any flyer so it is clear to parents/carers.
  7. If you need access to the school kitchen, please go and speak to the kitchen staff beforehand and let them know what you need to have access to (dishwasher, gas etc.) Make sure everything is returned to the kitchen and the area is left clean and tidy following an event, including rubbish bins emptied.
  8. The names of any external visitors should be provided to the office in advance so they are aware and in case they need access to the car park.
  9. Young leaders (Y5 children) are often available and willing to help with certain events as are some teachers e.g. PE teacher and therefore worth asking, if this would be helpful.

C. Flyers, posters and assembly

  1. If you want to make a flyer/poster, we have a PCSA graphic designer who helps us with the design of flyers and posters. Please advise her as early as possible of your requirements and what information needs to be on the flyer/poster.
  2. If you want a poster displayed at the school, or flyers put in book bags, allow at least 3 days for the school to approve the wording. 
  3. If you have access to a printer, then you can print the flyers yourself, if not, please email to and ask them to print for you and put in the PCSA pigeonhole.
  4. In order to make photocopies, this should be done on the school photocopier using PCSA purple paper unless unsuitable. Check with the PCSA chairs what the PCSA code for the photocopier is. Please make sure you log out when you’ve finished and alert the PSCA committee if purple paper is running low. Unless absolutely necessary to use colour, please print in black and white as this reduces printer costs and with 4 flyers to one sheet. There are guillotines we can use at school by the photocopiers to cut sheets up into individual flyers. Please do not use the photocopier in the office at their busiest times between 8.30-9.15am or 3-3.30pm.
  5. If you want to distribute flyers to each class, use the plastic folders on the wall just inside the door of each classroom - you can request a list of how many children are in each class from the office staff, although there is often a sheet with this information on in the PCSA pigeonhole. Where there isn’t a folder, the flyers can be given to the teaching staff or placed on the teacher’s desk.
  6. You can also hand out flyers individually at the school gates, or ask parents from particular classes to hand them out – this can be a more effective way of encouraging people to attend.
  7. You can often arrange to promote your event in an assembly if required. Just speak to the deputy head to arrange the best day.

D. Website, email, WhatsApp

  1. Ask the PCSA chairs to add the event to the PCSA website.
  2. Ask the PCSA chairs to send out any emails that you may need. Email the text to and request if it needs to go out to the whole school, just one class or year group or key stage.
  3. Some classes and years have active WhatsApp groups. Ask the other class reps who use these to send out particular messages as appropriate.

E. Tickets, finances, and online fundraising

  1. If the event requires you to sell tickets, please arrange a morning after drop off or afternoon before pick up when someone is available to sell outside school. This minimises the need for the office staff to be involved and reduces their workload. We have a cardboard PCSA box which can be placed in the office at other times, so people can return envelopes with ticket order forms and money and place in the box without needing to disturb office staff. Ensure someone can empty it on a regular basis and store any money securely.
  2. If people need to provide payment, please be sure to include the wording ‘include the exact amount, as change will not be given, or make cheques payable to King Athelstan PCSA’. This will save you/the treasurer a huge amount of time if you don’t need to provide change.
  3. Anyone who needs to claim expenses for purchases made to run an event should keep their receipt(s) and place in an envelope and either give directly to the treasurer or leave in the PCSA pigeonhole for the attention of the treasurer. Include your bank details so that you may be reimbursed.
  4. If you require one or more floats for your event, please notify the treasurer who can arrange this for you. Prepared floats will be stored either in the PCSA pigeonhole or in the school safe – check with office staff if unsure. After an event the float and money raised should be stored in the school safe ready for the treasurer to collect it and count it. Please do not take the money home yourself to count.
  5. The PCSA has set up an account with mydonate, the online sponsorship provider, so if you are planning to raise sponsorship in this way, contact the chairs to set up a new page.
  6. If you are raising money via cash during the event, make sure you are clear about what is happening to the money during and after the event. If you are likely to raise more than a few pounds, talk to the treasurer beforehand about responsibilities.

F. After the event

  1. Remember to thank everyone who helped out in every way.
  2. If you have raised money, tell people how much and what is happening with it.
  3. If you have learnt something that’s not on this sheet, email the PCSA Chairs and they will add it.

Every event is different, so not everything to be considered will be included here, but the PCSA committee is available to answer any questions you may have. It is only with the help of volunteers that we can achieve our goals of building community and meeting our fundraising targets. We thank you for your valuable input and don’t hesitate to ask if you’re unsure of anything.

Summary of events held over the last few years

See below a list of events that have been organised by PCSA class reps over the last few years. While the main objective is to run something to bring the school community together, the totals raised have been included for your information. The names of people who have organised each event before are included so you can contact them if you need to.

Scootathon -This event was for all EYFS children which they all enjoyed, parents were present and it took place on the KS1 playground - mydonate forms were sent home and the majority of money was raised via the website. Organised by Sarah Cryer and raised an amazing £700.

Film night - This event is open to all children in KS1 and KS2 and is very popular. Limited tickets due to space so sold on a first come first served basis. Drinks and popcorn provided in ticket price. All children must be signed in and out. This event has been organised by Vicki Jones, Sandra Eager, Ceris Heath and Monika Green and raised £150.

Quiz Night - This was a great night and was open to all parents. Food was provided in the ticket price and alcohol available to buy. This event has been organised by Sarah Bradley and raised £400.

Car Boot Sale - This was held on a Saturday morning in the school car park and was well attended. This event was organised by Kelly Shirley and raised £50.

School disco - This event was open to KS1 and KS2 children. A drink and hot dog were included in the ticket. There was one session for younger children and one slightly later for older children. This event has been organised by Vicki Jones, Sandra Eager and Ceris Heath and raised £90.

Year 1 Olympic event - This event was for year 1 only to take part in some Olympic events after school on the KS2 playground, with help and support from Darren McLaughlin and year 5 young leaders. Mydonate forms were sent home and the majority of the money was raised via the website. The event was organised by Justin Irwin and Kerri Perkins and raised £330.

EYFS Party in the Park - This event was for all children and families in EYFS and was held at King Athelstan Park after school. Families brought their own snacks and children could take part in a dance class. Parents were asked for donations. This event was organised by Maryka Sennema and raised £70.

Line Dancing - This event was open to all parents. Food and a cowboy hat/bandana were included in the price. This event was organised by Sarah Bradley and Anita-Dian Bennett and raised £160.

Easter Bonnet Parade and cake sale - All children were encouraged to make an Easter Bonnet and each key stage was judged and prizes given to the winners. Also, an Easter cake sale at the same event. This event has been organised by Ceris Heath and raised £70

Bake Off - There were several categories for people to enter cakes to; best decorated for each key stage and a most unusual flavour cake for the adults. Prizes given. Tea and coffee available. Crafts for children were available at this event. This event has been organised by Ceris Heath and Michelle Hazell.

Pub Olympics – This was an adult only event and solely for community building, therefore no funds were raised. It was one of the best social events ever held. It took place in a pub and there were a number of games people could compete in if they wished, such as ‘crazy golf’, darts, building the tallest structure from playing cards, and coin toss. This event was organised by Justin Irwin, Kerri Perkins and Monica Samuel.

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