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1. Welcome and Apologies:

Vicki Jones
Kate Corney
Claire Hodgson
Kathryn D
Liz Price
Lise Marie

Louisa welcomed everyone attending the meeting and invited feedback about the Christmas fair.

  • Toss a choc - may not be repeated

  • Choc tombola - rules to be changed if winning becomes too easy and chocolates are running


  • General consensus that it was a good choice keeping Christmas fair on a Friday and it being shorter, due to end of year performances on weekends and other commitments.

  • Not many EYFS volunteers at fairs- more difficult to get volunteers for after school events due to younger children to handle, both parents not being able to attend, etc

  • Pictures may be added to bigger ticket items at silent auction or iPads can be used to show people what they are bidding for on the day

2. Remaining events for this academic year:

  • Ceris Heath and Monika Hardy to arrange Leavers' Disco Y6 - 17th July

  • Wiley to run football match again Y4 - 5 a side on Muga. We could perhaps involve kids a little more.

  • Easter Eggstravaganza taken on by Nursery and YR. Caroline has secured 25 boards @ £10 each in sponsorship from Cocoon estate agents.

  • Bake off, bunny game, egg hunt from last year, Caroline, Leena and Christine to organise.

  • Quiz night date TBC in May (15/5) after consulting SLT. Potluck suggested. Phillipa's other half to DJ.

  • It was pointed out that the summer fair may be on the same day as Mill St festival - Tania to find out.

  • Mini Olympics (11/6)- Tania to confirm if Liz and Dalila can step in for her as class rep for this. Lisa Ross is class rep for O'Keefe.

  • Ask Vicki Jones / Lise Marie about Hollyfield dates to make sure summer fair doesnt clash with anything this year

  • Second hand uniform giveaways - we will only offer jumpers, trousers, skirts from now on - no shirts. Shirts can possibly be bagged and taken elsewhere in exchange for shop vouchers.

3. Taking on Events:

Younger year groups usually need more guidance in organising and running PCSA events. Areej to look into creating a graphic of the process for the website.

4. Remaining Cake Sales:

Classes to take responsibility for photocopying and giving flyers to their class teacher for cake sales. Areej usually prints these and leaves them in the school office.

5. Summer Fair Theme:

Olympics theme agreed for the summer fair.

6. Three Peaks Challenge:

26th to 28th June: 2 teachers and 4 parents are signed up. The aim is to raise £5K.

  • Givey page created, Areej to update with flyer and info.

  • Tania to arrange an assembly 25th Feb and maybe 1 main event (dinner, park run, circuits around school are some ideas to run by SLT).

7. AOB:

The Social Fund - suggested by Louisa to help children pay for things like movie nights, leavers hoodies, tea towels, beach trip, etc. It could be discreet and communicated entirely through school. Louisa to propose to SLT.

What's on

  • National 3 Peaks Challenge 2021
    25 - 27 Jun 2021

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