King Athelstan PCSA AGM 2022

30 March 2022 at the Spring Grove, Kingston upon Thames

In attendance:

Rachel Huggins, co-chair
Catherine Parsons, co-chair
Kate Corney, acting secretary
Dimitrios Chalas
Kathryn Davies
Sarah Folkard
Claire Hodgson
Marina Lappa
Tania Park
Liz Price
Helen Shinokubo
Jessica Skilbeck
Dominika Staszkiewicz-Miah


1. Welcome

Apologies from Caroline Dawes, Areej Qureshi and Louisa McDonald

2. Treasurer’s Report

Breakdown of fundraising between September and March:

Christmas Fair made £5124.35;
Givey donations including mini Marathon and Mr McLaughlin’s marathon raised £3861.99.
Other fundraising streams include cake sales, Easter cake competition(an impressive £559), giving machine and the Halloween trail.
Including a carry over in excess of £8000, the PCSA has £18,618.22 in the bank.

Discussed when school might next need money from PCSA, although they still have
some funds left over from summer donation of £15000 to spend on playgrounds and
wild area.
Can we buy new books for the library? Could the Amazon Book Wishlist be better

Action: KC to explore book opps


3. Summer Term Events

a) Jubilee Garden Party, 21st May, 2-4pm
The school has a week of events planned leading up to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee
and has asked the PCSA to organise a tea party. This will take the place of the usual
July summer fair with stalls and Queen-themed activities. We discussed an entry
charge, but don’t want to deter families. General agreement to include international food
stalls, games, cake competition, tombolas and crafts. Meeting to talk detail at the start
of the summer term.
Action: PCSA committee

b) Three Peaks launch and virtual challenge
Mr McLaughlin has agreed to run an assembly launching the virtual challenge
fundraiser for the children (they choose three personal challenges - stop biting their
nails, 10k bike ride, learn to skip - could be anything). Need to establish how much
support for this fundraiser will come from school and how much from PCSA. Actual
Three Peaks challenge taking place with a team of staff and parents/carers on 24th/25th
Action: RH/CP to discuss in meeting with Miss Newton

c) Possible Bingo fundraiser?
With the Tea Party replacing our summer fair, we discussed the need for a fundraising
event later in the summer term. Dominika raised the idea of bingo (less intimidating than
a quiz) where attendees bring a dish, and we raise funds with sales of bingo cards and
a bar. Needs evening access to school. A good social for parents and carers to meet
too - discussed how this is an important alternative to family fundraisers like the fairs.
Could one of the year groups run it? Y3?
Action: RH/CP to discuss in meeting with Miss Newton

d) Mini Olympics
Suggested date of 17 May (Tuesday) and Mr McLaughlin has confirmed that he’s happy
to organise this with young leaders. Successful event for Y1 in the past, so it was
suggested it should fall to this year group to organise again.
Action: RH/CP to discuss in meeting with Miss Newton

e) Leavers' Disco
Needs a date and DJ/arrangement... not sure how this has worked in the past.
Action: RH/CP to discuss in meeting with Miss Newton

Action: Co-ordinator from Y6 parents for hoodies needed (RH)

Other calendar dates:
29 April Y3 Cake Sale
10 May Bags2School collection
17 June Y6 lolly sale (leavers’ hoodies donations)
1 July Y6 lolly sale (leavers’ hoodies donations)

4. Election of Committee Roles

The current committee hope to stand down after two years in role – with the election of
a new treasurer the most urgent need as current treasurer Caroline Dawes set to take
on chairing school governors, presenting a conflict of interests.
Sadly there were no suggested or volunteer replacements, so existing committee has
agreed to hold the fort over the summer term with view to recruiting new committee and
expanding current reduced number of roles in September.
Discussions around how to widen our interactions with parent/carer community:
● coffee mornings after drop-off as well as pub drinks;
● reintroduce PCSA slot to briefings for reception intake parents and carers in
collaboration with school;
● set up a dads’ network or dads’ social to try to encourage more gender balance?

Action points:
Discuss reception briefings with Miss Newton/office (CP/RH)
KC happy to co-ordinate delivering presentations or coffee mornings
Dad recruitment drive? No actions agreed

What's on

  • Y6 Leavers' Disco
    Friday 15 July 2022

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