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  1. Introduction and Apologies:

    Justin Irwin, Kate Corney

    Louisa welcomed all attendees.

  2. Updates

    a. Louisa gave a brief update on the limited fundraising in the past year. School had requested an after-school Christmas fair due to staff and parent commitments. New committee to confirm going forward.

    b. Debbie provided a quick update on fundraising figures since lockdown 1:
        -  London Mini Marathon (run by Darren at school) £2,790
        -  Christmas Shop and Auction £1,500
        -  Elliot's Big Challenge (YR) £2,000

  3. Fundraising Plans

    a. Attendees discussed what the best way to move forward may be, given current lockdown restrictions and schools being closed for the unforeseeable future. It was agreed that the focus should be on encouraging and nurturing the sense of community among school staff and parents/carers. The PCSA may not focus on any specific fundraising activities at the moment, bar any that have already been planned, such as the National Three Peaks Challenge

    b. Louisa suggested that estate agent boards would be a good way to raise some funds, without pressurising parents to donate in these difficult times. A new list will be needed (Google forms?)

    c. Tania discussed that if the PCSA moves ahead with the National Three Peaks Challenge, fundraising would need to begin by the end of March or beginning of April.
     She would like to approach corporate sponsors for promotional materials such as t-shirts, etc.
        ii. Parents can also donate via Givey page
    We would also like to involve the children (if restrictions are removed soon) by setting up a virtual hike, for example.

    The decision will be taken closer to April, when we know more about schools reopening / restrictions easing. Currently, all participants are willing to continue, and the event is going ahead as planned.


  4. Other Funds Raised in 2019/2020

    We missed out on some of our usual fundraising activities, such as tea towels before Christmas (this did not go ahead due to new COVID restrictions in schools.

    Debbie provided more fundraising figures, adding up to a total of over £11,000 raised.

        -  Cake Sales > £1,000
        -  School uniform sales £45
        -  Christmas cards £412
        -  Bags 2 School £204

    New committee to look into booking Bags 2 School before/after holidays (dependant on lockdown restrictions and schools reopening by then).

  5. Election of New Committee

    Three people are required by the PCSA Constitution to form a committee. Catherine, Caroline, Rachel would like to carry on. Areej to carry on as Website Administrator.

    Co-chair – Rachel Huggins
    Co-chair – Catherine Parsons
    Treasurer – Caroline Dawes
    Secretary – Tania Park (to focus on fundraising)
    Website Administrator - Areej Qureshi

    -  Debbie to hand over to Caroline when lockdown restrictions ease and banks are accessible (face to face appointment is required).

    -  Louisa and Areej to arrange Zoom meetings to hand over. 

  6. Future Fundraising Actions and Discussion

    a. Tania suggests that the PCSA purchase books to distribute to families over lockdown, should it be extended past Feb half term

    b. Rachel to look into other platforms as an alternative to Paypal and eBay, such as Jumble Bee

    c. New committee to look into how parents can set up regular contributions to the PCSA (monthly, half yearly, etc) should they wish to. Many parents have expressed interest in doing this over the past few years

    d. PCSA to continue to be more specific about what future fundraising events will be raising money for, individually - as we have been able to do over the past couple of years (KS2 playground, now to focus on        KS1 playground). 

    e. Tania to look at other websites as an alternative to Givey, with a more user-friendly interface

    f. Areej to change frequency of payments going into the PCSA account from Givey 




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