The Virtual Three Peaks Challenge


To support the parents and teachers doing the National Three Peaks Challenge, we wanted to create a virtual challenge for children and parents to get involved in.  Children can pick what ever they want to do for their challenges (some ideas below).  We have attached a challenge pack at the bottom of this page you can download and print


All the money raised will go towards the Big Outdoor Project!



What you need to do to join in

  • Identify three challenges you can complete by Sunday 26th June & write them on your "Challenge sheet" (in download below)
  • Ask your grown-up or take some photos as you do your challenges and stick them onto your “Challenge Completion Sheet” & be in for a chance to win prizes and claim your certificate
  • Hand in at drop off after the 26th to claim your achievement certificate and be in for a chance to win a special prize



Challenge ideas to get you started

Sporty challenges

Complete a 3k run

Skip without stopping for 5 minutes

Score 10 penalties against a friend (or one of your grown ups)

Walk 10k steps in a day

Trampoline non stop for an hour

Walk to Hampton Court

Camp in your garden for the night (with your grown up)


Creative challenges

Write and design a cartoon 

Create and make your own unique pizza topping

Ride the circle line and take a selfie at each stop

Paint or model your favourite place or person

Invent your own game and play with some friends

Bake an decorate a cake inspired by the Three Peaks Challenge


School skills challenge

Read a book with 100 pages in a day

Learn how to count to 100 in a new language

Recite a timestable backwards

Visit your favourite museum and write a review of what you have seen

Analyse your home and come up with 10 ideas to save energy or recycle more items 





What's on

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    Friday 15 July 2022

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