Staff vs Parents/Carers Football Match

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The 3rd annual football match between staff and parents/carers saw non-stop action, cheers and excitement. The staff team finished winners with a 6-2 scoreline at full time. Thank you to all parents, carers and staff who took part in the match. Many thanks also to volunteers who helped out on the day on the cakes and lucky dip stalls. Lastly, a big thank you must go to Mr. Porter for refereeing the game. The parents team have already started talking about possible tactics to win next years match!

The sun wasn't out, but people were. Families and many staff from across King Athelstan came out on Saturday to support their friends and family playing in the game. The kick off whistle went, and straight away the staff team seemed to have the edge.  Only 7 minutes later, the staff had their first shot on goal, which was superbly saved by Alfie, the parents' team's goalkeeper (who would go on to become an extremely important player!) This lead to a staff corner, which resulted in a blinding shot. 1-0 to the staff!

The parent's team got straight back into it, but a shot from striker Doogle would have ended up in the cheap seats if there were stands. The teachers then regained possession and took it all the way down to the opposite side of the pitch. A shot came off a defender's head to make it 2-0. Just one minute later another killer shot from the staff made it 3-0.

The parents weren't giving up though. JC had a great shot that was unfortunately deflected. The resulting corner from that resulted in... nothing. Still, the parent's team seemed to be coming together and kept the pressure up. A fantastic shot from the parents team was saved by an even better save from the staff keeper to prevent them from getting onto the score sheet.  Only a minute later, the parents hit the post - surely a goal was imminent?

The staff team gained possession and took it straight down towards the parent's goal and only a diving save from Alfie prevented a fourth goal.

The parents then had 2 shots in a row from JC and Doogle, but sadly both were saved by the staff keeper. The action was non-stop as a great cross from Kingsley connected with a parent boot that took the ball just outside of the post. The first-half ended with two parent corners, but no goals.

A change of team at half time meant fresh legs were on for the parents. The staff came straight out and wasted no time and found the back of the goal 2 minutes into the first half.  4-0.

Just a minute later, parent defender Chiu made a great save when Alfie wen out to stop the staff from scoring again. Was there no stopping them? He didn't have much time to get back into position as his skills were called upon again as the staff kept their attacking up.

At last, Tania, playing up front for the parents had a shot go just wide. The parents had a chance to gather now for their corner. A smashing cross resulted in a blinding header from Benjamin and the parents scored their first goal - 4-1! Come on, came the calls from the sidelines, you can do this parents!

Only a few minutes later, football machine JC smashed it in from 15 yards out and gave a celebration worthy of the premier league.

Sadly for the parents, the staff weren't finished and scored again making it 5-2 just minutes later.

Alfie's job was far from done, as he made another diving save . The staff weren't slowing down and the shots kept on coming. Chiu made another vital block, but a shot from a corner made it 6-2 to the staff. Even though we were down to the last few minutes, the foot was still firmly on the gas for the staff and Alfie was forced to make several more awesome saves.

The game ended 6-2, but despite the scoreline, the event was a resounding success. Everyone had a great time and talk of next year's game was already starting.  Clearly there could only be one man in contention for Man of the Match - well done and congratulations to Alfie!


THANK YOU to all who played, donated, helped on the day or came to watch.  It makes it all worthwhile.  

There is still time to donate online at:

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